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What makes a manager a good mentor: a jr dev’s perspective

I’ve benefitted from working with a manager who is focused on making our development team as strong as possible. He invests time and thought into our growth and development on a regular basis. As I’ve talked with other junior developers who’ve received varying degrees of support and instruction, I’ve become increasingly aware of the things a manager does that truly … Continue reading

whoami: I’m a web developer

Just over six months ago, I decided I wanted to become a programmer. Now, I’m working as a web developer for a great company.  It’s amazing to me how much has changed in such a short amount of time.  I get to work with PHP, ReactJS, and a smidge of NodeJS/npm, Ruby on Rails and … Continue reading

Don’t look at me… my struggle is showing!

Don’t look at me… my struggle is showing!

At my software development bootcamp (Epicodus), we work in a style called “pair programming.”  Pair programming refers to a practice where two people share the same computer, working together to write and debug their code.  Each person in the pair takes turns on the keyboard and each person contributes by talking through the code whether … Continue reading