The Motherhood Manual: Kid Swap- don’t knock it till you try it

It’s not what you think (or maybe it is…but probably not). You don’t swap your kids for someone else’s. You don’t swap your kids for something else. Really there’s no scenario where you’re trading out your kids at all. Which is good. We like our kids…almost always.

So, what then, is Kid Swap? Well, let me tell you. Kid Swap is awesome. Kid Swap for us involved four to six families and a total of about 12 kids. Every Saturday night from 6pm-9pm, one family would host all the kids, leaving all the other adults FREE for the three hours. The system was wonderful! Although the one week that our house was the hosting house was not my favorite of the month, it really wasn’t that bad. The families involved were all our friends, so we knew the kids well and were all like family. Also, it was only for three hours, and anything could be managed for those three hours that we knew allowed us five weeks of free Saturday evenings.

The beauty of it was threefold (at least!). First, was the obvious that it gave us a free evening. The second plus was that the kids actually thought it was about them being able to get together. And, the third was that it was free childcare by people we trusted. In addition, we got childcare on a night that our friends did also (all but one couple, who was hosting that week), so we didn’t have to wait for the universe to align just perfectly for us to both have childcare on the same night- it was built in to the system. Perfect!

So, if you have a child (or two or however many you can get your friends to take in), gather up some of your closest friends who have children and set Kid Swap in motion. You’ll be glad you did. Even though our kids are old enough now that we can leave them for short bits while my husband and I go on a date, I sometimes think we need to reinstate Kid Swap just so we are forced to make it happen on a weekly basis. I actually think most of the kids would still be up for it too!

It’s awesome. So, get out there, tell your friends, and make it happen! You’ll all be glad you did (even your kids!).

13 thoughts on “The Motherhood Manual: Kid Swap- don’t knock it till you try it

  1. I wish I’d had this idea when my kids were young. I did “trading” with one of two other moms mostly for an opportunity to run errands child-free, but doing it for a date night is so much better. No downsides!
    And my goodness! How those children have grown.

  2. It was sooo truly worth those crazy Saturday’s when all the kids were in your house!! I still miss kids swap!! Of course, as my oldest is the little red head in front, my kids are not old enough (YET) to stay home while we have an adult might out. Kelly- I love this photo!! Can I copy from your blog? Or can you email it to me??

  3. We did this a number of times with friends and continue to do so even now as they are older. Just this last Sunday a friend called to ask our youngest (16, last one at home without a car) to join their family rock climbing. What a blessing to have the house to ourselves and catch a “nap” on a Sunday afternoon. 🙂

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