Loving the Eye-Fi to Dropbox function we set up

We like things to be easy.  If they aren’t, we move on and leave the messy stuff in our dust.  If you too like things to be easy, you should follow this straight-forward tutorial
on how to hook up your Eye-Fi card for your camera (if you don’t know what that is, check out the link anyway and learn) to your Dropbox.  It is AWESOME.

All we do is pull out our semi-fancy camera, take a picture, and it’s automatically put in our eye-fi folder folder in Dropbox.  Did you get that?   AUTOMATICALLY.   Really.  All we did was snap the picture, then put our camera away (we even turned it off, so we’re pretty sure it’s magic!).  When we opened up our computer just now, our pictures were happily (we assume) downloading away.  SO COOL.  …and easy!

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