Dropbox & Your Fancy Camera Pictures… synchronized swimming

Okay, so it isn’t exactly swimming, but it’s highly synchro and feels like some sort of fancy orchestration (without the music).  There was a recent post (linked here) that had a brilliant idea that you can take pictures with your big ol’ fancy pants camera and have them travel the airwaves to your computer and be stored in the cloud known as Dropbox.  All you need is:

1.  an Eye-Fi card for your camera (it’s just a memory card with fancy powers- available here: eye-fi card)

2.  a Dropbox account (see review here for iPad or here for iPhone, to understand what it is and why you want Dropbox anyway)

3.  a fancy camera (actually it works with most any camera that uses a memory card, but you might as well go fancy?)

That’s it.  Now, when I read that I could do this, I immediately thought, “I should do this,” then went to bed.  Today is a new day, though, and I’m getting it all set up and it’s really simple.  However, for someone less inclined to wildly push at buttons until they get the right result, I thought I would write out a little step by step tutorial for you.  Yep, I’m a giver.

Don’t be intimidated; there’s not really that much and you could have figured it out.  Step six is the part you want to pay attention to; the rest is just there to build your confidence and keep you on track.  So, here goes:

Step one:  Go online and see if there’s anywhere near you that you can buy an Eye-Fi card.  If not, go here (or somewhere else) and order one.

Step two:  Get a Dropbox account.  Go to http://dropbox.com and do what they say (they’re very nice and they explain it all with mostly small words).

Step three:  Get a fancy schmancy (or simply functioning) camera.

Step four:  Install the Eye-Fi card using provided instructions with card you ordered (or found if you live in a bigger town than me).  This is probably the hardest step, but it’s not that bad and you can do it.  Just breathe.

Step five:  Go to the Eye-Fi icon at top of your monitor (looks like a little Wi-Fi symbol) and click on it to reveal a drop-down menu.  Choose to open the Eye-Fi center.

Step six:  Underneath “DEVICES” on the left is a list, including “Eye-Fi Card;” click on the little settings icon (gear symbol) to the right of the eye-fi card.  This will give you a new menu with “photos” being one of the tabs at the top- click “photos.”  In the photos tab, there is a tab for “computer” and a tab for “online;” click the “computer” tab.  Go to where it says “manage” and be sure it says upload photos to “folder” not “iPhoto” (unless of course you want it to go to iPhoto).  Right below that box you can see the path to the folder where your pictures are going to end up.  This is where you will “change folder” (see that, just to the right?) to your Dropbox folder.  Make sure you click save.  That’s it.

Let me know if you have any questions or if it works beautifully (nice work).  What a cool feature!  Now we can see our pictures on all our devices that have Dropbox on them.

9 thoughts on “Dropbox & Your Fancy Camera Pictures… synchronized swimming

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  4. OK – I love the idea. Thanks for the post. I do use DropBox, just to explore. I’m a big Windows Live Mesh user (control you PC remote anyone?) and that can do the same folder sync. So that’s my go-to-solution at the moment.

    So, that aside… My bigger issue with this approach is that with my big fancy camera (love your rhetoric) I shoot RAW. This means Eye-Fi is pretty much out, when I’m shooting 16gig *fast* CompactFlash. Oh and I don’t think there is Eye-Fi for CF, and I’m a Canon 5D MKII shooter. Either way that’s allot of data to be throwing around on the home network. Might (read ‘probably will’) disrupt other things the family is using Wi-Fi for.

    Then as its RAW I have to process/develop (which I love – albeit a time consuming activity) which I do in Lightroom. So that would pose risks to, for example, then being able to ‘throw up to SmugMug on my lunch break’ if I’m at work. As I’d have RAW files. I think the LR license would let me use my work PC but then I’d have two LR Catalogs.

    If we had ubiquitous ultra-high speed and/or cloud storage of catalogs then that wouldn’t be a problem. And I love the premise of cloud computing and distributed big data storage but the fact of the matter is we just don’t have it yet… try doing a CrashPlan back up of over 1.7TB of data… yup, I’m doing that, almost there! I blogged about why I chose them over Mozy if you care to read about that 😉 And then do that with the Comcast 250Gig limit whilst you and your spouse are using that to work from home, watch Hulu Plus, use and Xbox for games and show your toddler ‘Cars’ YouTube videos on your phones 🙂

    • I’ll check out your posts on the subject! I think you’re probably working with info that’s a bit over my head, but I’m learning, so “over my head” is my comfort zone right now! Thanks for your input and knowledge.

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  8. The only problem with this is that it requires your computer to be on! Ideally, the eye-fi card should upload directly to Dropbox- and *then* go from Dropbox to your computer.

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