Day Twenty-One. App Twenty-One. TripIt.

TripIt is an indispensable travel app, in our opinion (really, who else’s opinion did you expect?).  What we like about TripIt is that it puts all of our travel information into one place.  This is wonderful!  Especially when we go on a longer trip and stay in multiple locations or use multiple “frequent this or that miles.”
To use TripIt, all you do is forward the travel confirmations you receive from hotels, airlines, trains, etc. to and within seconds the site takes care of the rest, putting together a whole itinerary for you with everything included!  And… if you are a gmail user, it will automatically update to TripIt by just using that email address when you book your travel plans.  For every entry, the app provides links to information you may need (maps, phone numbers, websites, etc).  If needed, you can also update and customize your entries yourself (for example if you want to add in notes, additional phone numbers, maps, links, etc.).  Once you’ve created your trip, you can then share it with others (nice for letting parents or significant others know where to find you).

If you travel, you need TripIt.  Period.  It’s like having a little travel agent/personal assistant in your phone.   Now who wouldn’t want that?  

So, check it out.  Tell us what you think?  Is there something better?  We doubt it, but if you think so, let us know!

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