Day Twenty. App Twenty. Card Shark.


Card Shark Deluxe is our favorite solitaire app.  As of this writing, there are sixty-two different solitaire games on the Card Shark Deluxe app.  Sixty. Two.  That’s A LOT of card games!  We haven’t even made it through half of them; largely because we’re hooked on our favorites and haven’t gotten bored with those yet.  We like how straightforward the app is to use and the fact that we don’t need to be online to play these games, making it a great choice for travel.
It’s customizable too.  The card backs and playing table can both be changed, using a variety of choices provided.  Also, we just discovered a cool feature that allows you to use any picture in your photo library as the card back or the playing table- how fun!  In addition, you can choose from a variety of decks (front of cards) or even customize those using your photo library (although it’s a bit more involved a process than choosing the card backs or table).  

There are a number of other options for customization, but you can explore those yourself and see what you think.  We love it.

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