Oh look… a chicken!

At my house we often use the quote “oh look… a chicken!” when someone says something totally off topic.  We first saw the phrase on a t-shirt in Wireless or Signals or one of those other similar magazines that show up before Christmas.  It was on a t-shirt that said something about “People say I have ADD, but I don’t know what they’re talking about…. oh look, chicken!”  That’s not quite the right quote, but you get the idea.  Anyway, I’ve titled this post “oh look… a chicken” because research shows that people’s attention for reading information is like two seconds and they can only do that if there are pictures (those stats may not be exactly right).


So, here’s the first picture to help keep your attention.  Yep, you’re watching grass grow… and it’s keeping you here reading.

Also, I’ve clearly already used too many words… especially in relation to the number of pictures, so here’s one more real quick to get you through to the next sentence.  I even put it on its side to add a little extra engagement for your brain.

My point in writing this is to give those of you who want to read my Motherhood Manual post tomorrow, a quick “oh look… a chicken” version.  For those of you who want to read the full version with all the words, it will post tomorrow at 6am.  Sign up to “follow” this post if you want it to just be delivered to your mailbox… or “like” it on Facebook and it should show up in your newsfeed along with any information about your friends’ recent meals, kids’ accomplishments, songs they listened to, and words they played in “Words with Friends.”

I know.  Too many words again.

Didn’t expect that one did you?  On to the Motherhood Manual chicken edition:

The Motherhood Manual: How to Nurse in Public without baring it all …kind of.

…my friends called me out.  …shy about nursing in public.  …hate to miss the party.

…coward, you think.  …whole shirt off.  …discreet.  …wet t-shirt version.  …nonthreatening.  …honest (some may call it blunt).  “I hope not and I’m pretty sure you hope not, so do what you need to…”  it’s okay.  …a little skin.   …blocked it from my memory.   …eventually.

There you have it.  The “oh look… a chicken” version.  I’d say that pretty much sums it up.  However, if any of you are the advanced reader types and want the full version, check it out tomorrow here (or be super cool and have it delivered to your mailbox- click follow, remember?!?)

6 thoughts on “Oh look… a chicken!

  1. Working on my almost 3 hours of sleep from the sleepover from h*ll, that almost made sense to me. We say “SQUIRELL” in my house from that wonderful flick, UP, but like the chicken too!
    Can’t wait to read tomorrow 🙂
    Happy Snowy, Sunday!!

  2. Ok. The “oh look a chicken version is perfect for sitting in the lobby of a Mexican resort where you don’t trust the free wifi yet because it’s the first time I’ve used it. And you did catch the high points. I’ve always thought folks with ADD we’re absorbing more than I suspected.

    • Ha! Anyone who “intercepted” that wifi transmission would have to be thinking “what the heck?!?” and then moved on. Glad you made it safely. Enjoy not having to shovel snow for awhile. 🙂

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