Yarn Along: Felted hearts

This week as my contribution to Ginny’s yarn along, I am showing off my cute little felted hearts I made. I’m excited about these since my last few weeks of knitting haven’t turned out final products with which I’ve been very happy. These hearts, though, are adorable and were really fun to make. The pattern is by Mags Kandis and can be found in my “Favorites and Free” section or by clicking here. I used them as part of my Valentine’s Day gift for my boys.

The pattern is just a simple 18 rows that repeat four times. It’s super fast to make and seems to turn out well every time. After having stitched them up, you just leave an opening through which you add the stuffing.

Then, you sew up that last little section and you’re ready for the felting process.

Felting the hearts took a long time in my front load washer, but still worked. I just kept throwing them in again and again as I did loads of laundry (as I’ve mentioned in my Motherhood Manual post, there’s always laundry that’s ready to go for when I need it!).

I felted them a few more times after the picture above was taken so that I could get it to a point where the stitches didn’t show. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture at that point, so just “fuzz your eyes” and use your imagination! πŸ™‚

I’m happy with how they turned out!

PS- I feel a little like a rockstar this week because Kay from Mason-Dixon Knitting checked out my Free and Simple Knitting Patterns and liked it enough to tweet about it! Yay! Her stuff is awesome, so I now feel kinda awesome by association!

22 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Felted hearts

    • Ha! Maybe so. I’m thinking that I may collect them back from the recipients to take a “finished” picture. … we’ll see. Then you won’t have to “fuzz” your eyes.

      • So the last thing I “started” knitting is in a big basket on my shelf. I am scared to move it as I just was dusting and found a big ol’ knarly spider web in the basket. What if a black widow made a home in my blanket and yarn?!?! See- that’s how dedicated I am to knitting. I’ll live vicariously thru you 😜

  1. They are cute. I’m really, really tired of the project I’ve been working on. These will be a nice diversion to have a finished project and then get back to the endless one.

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