Yarn along: Come on, Spring!

This week’s Yarn along is kind of fragmented for me. I have a number of things that I am finishing. All that stuff from last week… it had tails. Yep, I hid the tails and pretended they were totally done. Now I need to weave them in. Maybe I’ll finish that tonight while I watch the basketball game (oops, I guess that gives away that I’m typing this on Tuesday- did you really think I wrote this Wednesday morning before 6:00 am?).

My next project is going to be some spring felting. It’s brown and snowing here today and I’m hating it. I love the snow early on, but at this point in the year I want flowers and 60 degree weather. So, I’m knitting my own spring. I am using up some of my wool skeins and remnants to make the super cute little felted bunnies I showed you last week.

I think I’m going to start with the light blue, green, and yellow and go from there. I’ll post pictures of the process next week. And, if I like how they turn out, I just may make more! I have lots of wool to choose from…

14 thoughts on “Yarn along: Come on, Spring!

  1. I do the same thing! I had a “finished” lap-afghan that I actually used for almost a year before I decided to weave in the ends. I have a great talent for just ignoring things, lol.

    • I love it that you used it for a year before actually finishing it! That’s totally me; I have a hat I wear that I periodically resize, so I just tuck the tail up in till the next time!

    • So, knitting the tails as I go seems to be the recommended method. I will try.

      As for the bunnies, if you make them, leave a link so we can see them too!

  2. oh i hope your spring comes soon! till then it looks like you have lots of spring like projects to keep you busy! (i have to write my yarn along post on tuesday since i work all day on wednesday). xx lori

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