So, this is NOT what I was planning on writing for my weekly Yarn along post. I decided to post it, though, as a reminder to those of you who know better (like me) and as a warning to those of you who don’t know any better.

Any guesses what this is a picture of? Here’s a hint. Or, more accurately, can anyone guess what this WAS?

Yes, folks, the item above is my Tuesday Night Cowl that I made with Malabrigo yarn in the color “lettuce” (which doesn’t look at all like the color it appears in this picture).

And, here’s your friendly reminder/warning… not everything can be machine washed. Yes, I already knew this. Yes, I have inadvertently felted things before (wonderful VERY SMALL pair of wool socks). Yes, I was aware this was made of a lovely soft wool. No, I didn’t think about it when we got back from our Shamrock Run and tossed lots of laundry into a gentle wash.

So, my question for you creative knitter types, is what should I make it into now? Wine bottle snuggie? One leg warmer? Sew it closed on one end, add a strap, and call it a purse? Cut it lengthwise, add fasteners, and call it a dog sweater? Other ideas? What do you think?

As for my other knitting, I am still working on my little felted bunny, but it’s knit on size three needles and I must have size 6 knitting fingers… meaning that I’m less coordinated with the smaller needle sizes. Here’s how far along I am now…

Tomorrow we leave on a long drive to warmth for Spring Break, so I’m hoping to make good progress on my Koigu Linen Scarf from a few weeks (months?) ago. I’m enjoying making it, but it’s not a fast project. It will be perfect for taking on vacation. Yay!

24 thoughts on “Arrgggghhhh….

  1. Oh my, I did that once with my husband’s favorite [of course] shirt! Makes my heart beat a little faster just looking at your photo. Me? I would strap some handles on it and have a new spring bag!
    Have a lovely yarn along day.

    • Thanks! So sorry about that with your husband’s shirt! I have done that too and I definitely prefer ruining something of my own to adding the guilt of doing it to someone else’s.

      I’ll post pictures if I make it into the spring bag. I’m kind of leaning that way right now.

  2. Oh no! I feel your pain! Cut some little flowers out of it and put magnets on the back of them and you can sprinkle the outside of your refrigerator with springtime. Have a very wonderful vacation in that warm destination!

    • That’s a fun idea! I don’t think I’ll do hat with this project, but I actually felted a hat at the same time (no, not on purpose either) that I may try that on.

  3. Seems like this happens enough that someone ought to have come up with the perfect “unfelting” solution. Anyone?

  4. I wish I could say something insightful here, but I’m so way out of my element….
    However, I never washed one of my cats, so I am not that clueless, right?

    • The major solace I find is that I really enjoyed knitting that cowl, so it won’t be so awful to do again. I’m thinking I’ll try a different color this time just to make it feel like a new project. I really liked the green though.

  5. Is it big enough to cover a hot water bottle?
    PS my boys shrunk their neckwarmers this winter too after throwing all of their gear into the dryer after our one good snowfall of the year.

  6. Aw. What a bummer! I’ve done that too. Lots of great ideas floating around – have fun cutting it up into something new!

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