Yarn along and free knitting patterns for hearts

Here we are again, the weekly yarn along with Small Things.

I’ve finally gotten finished with my Honey cowl (pattern available here).  I’ve been knitting like a crazy lady, determined that I would not have yet another week devoid of a finished project to show on the yarn along.  Actually, as of this writing, I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m so close that I know I will.  Then I’ll add the pictures so everyone who knows me can ooh and ahh that I’ve actually finished a project without starting a new one in the process.  I don’t think I did anyway?

So, the almost finished project…

And… ta dah! …the finished product…

I’m not as thrilled with it as I’d hoped to be, but I am proud of myself for getting it done.  And, now I’m excited to start a new project!

As I was knitting the cowl, I was planning that my next project was going to be the churchmouse linen scarf.  In the meantime, though, I’ve decided that I want to make the scarf longer than the pattern calls for, so I need to get one more skein of yarn.  If I start to think about it, this is really is just totally crazy of me… Because the pattern is knit sideways, it already calls for casting on 450 stitches (it says to measure out 10 YARDS for your cast on so you don’t run out… God forbid!).  So, if I’m going to add another 100 stitches, I may as well head out to the local football field to measure out my yarn!  Yikes.  Anyway, I can’t get the yarn locally, so I’m holding out until my next out of town trip towards the end of the month.

That means I need a new pattern.  Lucky for me I’ve been scouring the free patterns out there looking for ones that I think are worthy of the Free and Easy Knitting Patterns section of my blog!  I found some really cute quick Valentine’s Day projects that I added and want to try out.  So, hopefully I’ll get a few done to show off for next week’s yarn along post.

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