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Yarn Along:  Results

Yarn Along: Results

Here we are again. The yarn along. But this week is different. You see this week I did something unusual. This past week week I started and… wait for it….. finished a project. Yes, folks, that’s right. I actually completed my hat from last week. I even like how it turned out. Take a look. … Continue reading

Yarn Along: …with Evernote

Yarn Along: …with Evernote

This week as I link up with Ginny’s yarn along, I’m not contributing my knitting progress.  Nope, I’m contributing a little techy tidbit that you will find super helpful in organizing your knitting patterns, etc. I find that when I’m visiting people’s sites and checking out their patterns, I often want to save them for … Continue reading

Yarn Along:  Spring is in the Air…

Yarn Along: Spring is in the Air…

I’m sure you all will be glad to know that I finished both my little bunnies in time for Easter morning.  I was pretty happy with how they turned out and the boys thought they were cute, so it’s all good.  I took a picture of the bunnies next to the felted hearts I made for … Continue reading

Yarn Along:  Jesus and the Easter Bunnies

Yarn Along: Jesus and the Easter Bunnies

Okay.  It’s really just the Easter bunnies that get knit up.  At our house we know the real reason we celebrate Easter is to recognize Jesus died and rose again, but that doesn’t lessen the lure of the cute little easter bunnies.  And, I just can’t see how a knit up Jesus would be anything … Continue reading

Yarn Along: I’m not a summer knitter

Today’s Yarn along post is the non– yarn along… We are on spring break and I had good intentions of getting lots done on my Churchmouse linen scarf. However, the lure of the water and the sunny playtime with my family pulls me to the pool and away from my knitting. That’s a good thing … Continue reading



So, this is NOT what I was planning on writing for my weekly Yarn along post. I decided to post it, though, as a reminder to those of you who know better (like me) and as a warning to those of you who don’t know any better. Any guesses what this is a picture of? … Continue reading

Yarn along:  Come on, Spring!

Yarn along: Come on, Spring!

This week’s Yarn along is kind of fragmented for me. I have a number of things that I am finishing. All that stuff from last week… it had tails. Yep, I hid the tails and pretended they were totally done. Now I need to weave them in. Maybe I’ll finish that tonight while I watch … Continue reading

Yarn along: Hats & Cowls

Yarn along: Hats & Cowls

Here I am again with the weekly Yarn along.  This last week I finished a bunch of projects, so I’m pretty pleased with myself. First, I told you about my plan for a Shamrock Run hat and showed you the start to my green hat.  Well, I finished that… I’m really happy with how it turned … Continue reading

Spring knitting

Spring knitting

Start knitting yourself a little spring!  As I write this, there’s new snow today, so I’m needing to create a little color and optimism… maybe you are too?  Here are some easy little bits of cheeriness for you.  Enjoy! Felted Bunny by Claire Garland | Free and Simple Knitting Patterns Bunny Nuggets by Rebecca Danger … Continue reading

Yarn Along-  and the Winner is…

Yarn Along- and the Winner is…

Once again I’m linking up with Ginny’s yarn along. I’ve been making good progress on my bertrand louis cowl and am continuing to love the look of the stitches and the dimensionality that’s coming with the half brioche pattern. It feels wonderful too. I think I’m pretty close to done. I’m supposed to knit it … Continue reading