Wait… something’s different

For those of you who’ve been viewing my site on an iPad, the site should look a little different now.  I took away the special iPad view format with the “swipe” option.  I’ve been playing around with the settings and menu options a bunch, but just can’t get it all to show correctly on the iPad view.  So, rather than having it continue to show up incorrectly while hoping that I could figure out how to make it right (which had been my previous approach), I’m just taking the option away and you now are seeing it the same as you would be on a computer… except that you’re still all super cool and viewing it from your handy dandy iPad.  Let me know what you think.  Or, let me know if you have an idea for what I needed to do differently for my menu items to format correctly with the iPad swipe view.

Also, for those of you who have been longing to leave a comment, but couldn’t easily find the option to do so on the iPad version, this should be easier.  Now all you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the post you want to leave a comment on, and enter your comment where it says “Thanks for commenting!  Enter your comment here…”  Super easy.

Let me know if there are still issues.  I try to view the site from a variety of different gadgets, etc. so I know what you all are seeing, but sometimes you sneak in there a different way and I’m left clueless again.  So, if it seems funky, leave me a comment so I know.



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