Ha ha ha! …no, really, they’re that funny

A few weeks ago I made up my own little award to give out to people who crack me up.  I gave out five of those awards and immediately found three more blogs that I wanted to recognize as LOL worthy.  So, even though it hasn’t been very long since my last “awarding,” I’m going to do it again (I know, what a rule breaker… runs with scissors and all that).

Here are my new LOL award winners.  Please check out their blogs and see why they make me smile and just plain ol’ laugh out loud.

1.  The Meat and Potatoes of Life– a blog by Lisa about her management of her family.  Even her “About” page is funny.

2.  Jessseeker– the writing is on all topics, universally entertaining, and of course articulate, as you can see by the subtitle- “Random ramblings about the stuff and the thing…”

3.  Mike is Happy. Relatively.–  one of my very favorite posts of his just includes a day of snippets of his conversations with his kids.  He writes in short sentences and crams in a whole of lot of honest funny.

Now, here’s what the big award winner needs to do:

1.  Post the LOL (laugh out loud, for you non-texters out there) badge on your blog

2.  Write a post that includes: a)  a thank you to the person who gave you the award (include a link to their blog), b) a clean joke or limerick (just look one up and copy it into your post if you don’t know one- it can even be a knock knock joke!),  c)  a list of five other blogs (linked) that you’re giving the award to- so we can find more laughs

3.  Notify the five other blogs that you’ve given them the award and explain to them that they need to copy and paste these instructions on their blog… and complete them

That’s it.  This should be a compliment and simple to do… and help to spread the laughs around.  So, start thinking about what blogs make you laugh on a regular basis.  Let’s start recognizing those people who add smiles to our day.

Get out there and find something to laugh about.

Little instructions part:

To add the badge to your site:

Copy this code and paste it into an HTML widget (called a Text widget on WordPress) or into your blog using the HTML setting.

<div>&lt;a href=”http://www.twyste.com&#8221; target=”_self”&gt;&lt;img src=”http://bit.ly/xX9iS6&#8243; alt=”LOL Award” width=”125″ height=”125″ /&gt;&lt;/a&gt;</div>


Copy and paste the code below into an image widget.

then link it to this address:


As always, let me know if you get stuck on this.  We can make this work… really.

3 thoughts on “Ha ha ha! …no, really, they’re that funny

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