Yarn Along: Jesus and the Easter Bunnies

Okay.  It’s really just the Easter bunnies that get knit up.  At our house we know the real reason we celebrate Easter is to recognize Jesus died and rose again, but that doesn’t lessen the lure of the cute little easter bunnies.  And, I just can’t see how a knit up Jesus would be anything other than creepy.  Sorry Jesus.  So, I’m sticking to bunnies.

I have shown this pattern before and told you I was going to do it.  And, I did.  I’m not totally done with it yet, but here’s what the cute little guy looked like along the way.

First the ears-

Then the body-

Then the stuffing-

Then he’s closed up and hand felted-

I still need to add some little buttons for eyes and an “x” for the mouth, but I’m close!

So, that’s my contribution to this week’s yarn along with Ginny.  Happy Easter.  And, let me know if I’m wrong and you’ve seen a knit up Jesus that is as cute as those bunnies out there!  🙂

9 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Jesus and the Easter Bunnies

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