Will you marry me? ….um, I think so.

Yesterday I wrote a little love fest for me. Today, though, is supposed to be about sweethearts and true love and mushy mushy kissy kissy, so…

There you have it. There’s my guy. We got married almost 18 years ago, after dating off and on for four years. Jason stuck it out through a whole lot of indecision on my part and my resounding answer of “I think so” to his proposal of marriage. I had some sort of fear of commitment, not unlike my inability to decide for sure what color purse I want. I knew that when I got married I was going to stay married to this person for. ever. That seemed like a really long time and I was worried about how easily I change my mind about things. I knew I couldn’t change my mind once I got married.

I’m happy to say, though, that I still like and love him as much as I did 18 years ago. I love how quick he is to laugh. I love the bits of gray in his hair today that make him even more handsome than he was when I met him. I love it that he likes the details in everything when I can’t stand them. I love how he takes care of me, how he plans special times for us, how he wants me to be happy. I love how good a dad he is to our boys and how he always tries to be even better. I love his competitiveness (most of the time) and his über athleticism. I love his persistence. I love it that he adores spreadsheets and is freakishly good with math.

I’m so glad that two decades ago, he thought I was worth sticking with. Happy Valentine’s Day, Jason. I love you.

6 thoughts on “Will you marry me? ….um, I think so.

  1. It is so important to be specific with our I Love You’s like you have here … for them, so they know we are sincere and for us, so we can revisit our list when we need to be reminded 😉

    Lovely post about your forever love.

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