App of the Week: Stop Motion

Every week I like to come up with a fun and/or useful app to share with you. This week I’m behind schedule because… well, it doesn’t really matter. The end result is that Thursday morning’s 6:00 am post is coming out sometime later on Friday. Not the end of the world.

So, on to the app review…

The app I chose is a universal (both iPhone/iPad) app called Stop Motion Studio. It is not particularly cleverly named, but is very accurately named. This simple app makes it incredibly easy to create your own stop motion video, complete with a soundtrack and an additional recorded layer, if you choose. Once you’ve created your video, you then have the option to upload it to YouTube, share it by email, or post it to your camera roll, Facebook, or iTunes. Soooo easy.

Below is an example S-man and I made today…

One thought on “App of the Week: Stop Motion

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