The Trailer

Yesterday, in my weekly app review, I posted S-man’s and my stop motion video.  Today I thought you might get a kick out of the trailer for it that S made on my iPad using iMovie.  It’s so easy to do, but has really cool results.  Actually, both S and I felt it was better to show the trailer after the movie instead of before because the movie definitely pales in comparison.

6 thoughts on “The Trailer

  1. Love that!!
    You might be excited to learn, I may be…. ummmmm, how to make this sound less crass then it inevitabley will….I can’t so I will go with crass and risk highly offending you….. soon popping my Apple cherry with an Ipad. It is a tool my new employer seems to think I need. I’ve never owned an apple anything, so if it comes to fruition I can actually use all your handy dandy tips.

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