App of the Week: Fast Camera

I’ve been trying out a new app this week called, Fast Camera.  The app name pretty much sums it up.  It’s a camera and it’s fast.  Like another app I reviewed (Capture), Fast Camera begins doing its thing as soon as you open the app.  It immediately begins click, click, clicking.

What that means for you is that as soon as you see your child, dog, spouse, etc. jumping up in the air or off a diving board or towards the hoop or whatever, you just need to tap the icon to start collecting shots.  I love this.  I was pretty impressed with how fast it took the pictures.  And, I really like it that I can review them and only save the ones I want to my photo library.  I easily accumulate pictures in my photo library (to the tune of thousands!), so it’s nice to be able to look through them first and only save the absolute best.

If you really care about filters and editing of your shots, you won’t get that with Fast Camera.  However, once you’ve saved the sequence you like,  you can easily import your photos into Instagram, or SnapSeed, or Photogene, or whatever filter program you like and add your filters there.  For me, this isn’t a drawback at all.

Below is a sequence I took with Fast Camera.  I felt like it did a pretty good job, especially in comparison to what I could do with the native iPhone camera app.  The one complaint I have is that it seemed like the speed of the shots was inconsistent…. kind of a “click click…. click…click….click click click” type of sequence.  It still seemed to capture a good collection of shots, though.

Just for comparison sake, I also took a sequence of shots using Camera+, which is my primary go to camera app.  I set the app to “burst” mode and this is what I got.
Pretty similar, but I felt the speed was more consistent on Camera+.   However, if you need a quick response app for spontaneous action shots, Fast Camera is probably the way to go.  Like I said earlier, it doesn’t have any other bells or whistles, but for just taking a quick sequence of pictures right then, without having to push any additional buttons, it does the job.

3 thoughts on “App of the Week: Fast Camera

  1. Do you see a difference in clarity between the 2 apps? Your sets of pictures looked pretty comparable on the computer. My action photos often end up as “what’s that a picture of?” blurs. So this could be good for me.

    • I don’t see a difference in clarity. The big difference I see is that Fast Camera is very basic and simple, and Camera+ is more full featured (zoom, filters, etc.).

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