Day Eleven. App Eleven. Capture.

Advent calender drawer number 11“Wait, can you do that once more?!?”  That’s what used to happen at our house when someone would do something worthy of the almighty video-recording.  Back in the old days, it used to mean running to the closet to dig out the clunky video recorder; remember those HUGE tapes?!?- (Hmmmm, we may have just stumbled upon the root of obesity in the US; we aren’t lifting all those heavy electronics anymore- cell phones the size of Shaq’s shoe and video cameras you had to perch on your shoulder to lift, not to mention TVs that you had to get up to change the channel… Yikes!  You better look back at one of our favorite fitness apps!).  These days spur of the moment video recording more likely just involves pulling our iPhone out of our pocket…. then, opening the camera app…. then switching it to video from still… then pushing record…. okay, so still not that speedy.

Anyway, no longer do we miss those video capturing opportunities, and we owe it all to Capture.  Capture is a simple little app that does one thing.  You tap it and it begins recording automatically when it opens up.  When you tap to stop it, the recording is automatically sent to your photo library where you can do with it what you like.  We have placed the Capture icon on the bottom of our phone so it is always there no matter what page of our phone we’re on (“page of our phone”- now that’s a phrase that wouldn’t have made any sense at all a few years ago.  wow.).  So, stop missing the first half of what you want to record and try out the cheapest video recorder you’ll ever buy (less than $1… barely).

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