Day Twelve. App Twelve. Glo Bible.

Number 12, Your Time Is UpThe app we are reviewing today is a great example of how ALL textbooks should be designed.  We are believers that the Christmas season is about celebrating the birth of Jesus (you’re just learning so much about us- we’re football fans AND Jesus believers!).  Anyway, today we are reviewing an app that we think can help you in your quest to keep the season about the real reason.  If you aren’t about celebrating Jesus, you may still want to check out this app simply as a REALLY cool history app.

The app we’re talking about is Bible + for iPhone (previously known as GloBible).  We use it mostly on our iPad, but the iPhone version is also impressive.  What we like about this Bible app is the pictures.  We sound so simple-minded, but the maps and pictures connected throughout are really what set this Bible apart from any others we’ve tried.  We can go to most anywhere in the Bible and there are photos, artwork, virtual tours of the area, maps, and links to web articles.  They are truly amazing and have an incredible amount of information.  A number of these are available in the free version, but some are only available on the pro version, which is on sale right now for just over 1/2 price.  The paid version also comes with a DVD and access to even more features on your Mac or PC.  Furthermore, that access is available to you on five devices, which is awesome.  We will be making the move to the paid version.

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