Day Thirteen. App Thirteen. Silent Film Director.


We decided that for Day Thirteen we’d go with a quirky little app that really does nothing other than make us laugh.  That app is called Silent Film Director.  It’s a fun app that takes video (real time with your camera or from your photo library or FTP file sharing) and allows you to convert it to a silent movie in a variety of themes ranging from 20’s Movie to 70’s Home Video to Black & White or Sepia, etc.  You also can choose the soundtrack for your silent movie from a variety of instrumental, silent movie-ish choices.

We like the Silent Film Director app because it makes an ordinary video reel take on a whole different personality.  And, quite simply, we love the Charlie Chaplin feel it gives to our videos that makes us laugh.  You can make everyone else laugh too, because once your video is created you can email it, share it on YouTube or Facebook, or save it to your camera roll.  So, have fun with it.

As a bonus, we’ve included an extremely short (4 seconds?) video just to give you some idea what the end result looks like.

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