The Shamrock

Today is St. Patrick’s Day.  Usually we don’t go all out with the green so much, but this year the Shamrock Run is on Sunday and we’re getting ourselves all “greened up” for that anyway.  And, we don’t want to waste a chance to celebrate something, so we’re going out in our green today.  We’ve accumulated a little collection of greenery…

and here’s what we’re doing with it…

S-man is too, but he was having what we call a Jolene moment, so he looked like this…

But we also snapped a shot like this…

We’re hoping to get a good picture today that adds S back into the group.  We like having him in our group… we just don’t always welcome Jolene in our photos.  Luckily she never sticks around long.

Now, we’re off to hang out, play cards, find something green to drink (the boys are thinking Shamrock shakes), watch some NCAA basketball, and check our brackets.  I’m sad to say that as of today, I slipped out of first place.  Jason is currently leading our pack, but we know that can all change.  At least I hope it does.

I’ll probably post some run day photos on Sunday, as I don’t go at such a blistering pace I can’t take pictures.  Oh well.  It’ll be fun.  Check back Sunday to see if it really was….

12 thoughts on “The Shamrock

    • We definitely did! It’s a great run and very festive with all the green. Last year we ran next to a guy dressed as a can of Guinness… so there isn’t a lot of pressure. 🙂

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