Selection Sunday & March Madness apps

I love pools.  I like the swimming kind and I like the betting kind.  In a little over a week I will be enjoying the swimming kind and I’m very excited about that… especially because it’s currently snowing here.  Blech.  Nice in December.  Cruddy in March.

But this post isn’t about swimming pools.  It’s about betting pools.

This past Sunday was Selection Sunday for the NCAA Basketball tournament.  Very exciting stuff because it means March Madness is upon us.  I am not a big better in terms of cash, but I do like the smack talk and the gloating.  And, that starts tonight… right after the OIT Hustlin’ Owls play for the NAIA Basketball championship.  I have to put in a plug for that because my husband is an assistant coach for OIT.  Here’s a picture he sent to me from last night’s semi-final game.  He’s pretty fired up…

They play for the championship tonight at 4:00 Pacific Time.  You can watch it on CBS Sports.  Go team!

Also tonight are the first two games of the NCAA basketball tournament.  So, that means if you’re joining a pool, you better get to it!  I’ve tried out three different apps to determine which is the best one for setting up and managing my bracket.  The apps I’ve played with are Pocket Bracket, ESPN Bracket Bound, and NCAA March Madness Live.

After having used them all, I have to go with the NCAA March Madness Live app.  It is the most real time and up to date.  It’s free, unless you want to pay $3.99 for the option to stream video of all the games (which seems like quite the deal to me, but is more basketball than I care to watch).  It’s easy to manage and set up your pool (private or public) and manage your bracket.  There is a leader board that shows your standings both within your own pool (in my case, just my family) and in the world of all who created a bracket on the app.  That’s pretty cool.  Also, it’s a universal app, available on both iPhone and iPad.  You can check it out here.

Is there an app you think is better?  Let me know if you think so.

6 thoughts on “Selection Sunday & March Madness apps

  1. Great photo of Jason! I’ve now seen it in 2 different people’s Facebook pages, the newspaper, and your blog!!
    Good luck on both your pools! I’m also looking forward to the one we will hopefully be swimming in , in a few weeks!! Come on warm weather!!!!

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