Life is Good

Life is good. It just is. There are things that we wish were different in our lives and we always have hopes and dreams. But as it stands right now, if none of those things ever happened, our life is still pretty darn good.

At the time this will post, we will already be sitting by the pool in the sunshine, far far away from the less than pleasant spring weather back home (as I write this, it’s cold outside and there’s a total windstorm).

We take this Spring Break trip every year and look forward to it for weeks (months?) beforehand. This year we had our trip booked in May… we’re never that prepared, but we were taking advantage of a discounted rate that was available because we were booking two homes with some friends. Then, on Monday at 3:30 (our reservation was scheduled to start Friday at 1pm), when I picked up our mail, we got a shock. There was a letter from our realtor stating that he was unable to contact the owners of the house and therefore would not be able to honor our reservation. Are you kidding me?!? I read it three times, then looked at the enclosed cashier’s checks for the amount of our deposit last May. Our friends received the same letter.

So, the next 24 hours were filled with nonstop computer surfing of every rental site available. We made phone calls, spoke to some of the nicest people ever (one even figured out a way he could move out of his place and stay somewhere else so we could take his house!), sent emails, and discussed options. In the end, we have a place to stay and all is fine.

The thing I was thinking about in the process, though, was how incredibly blessed we are that this is our biggest problem. We are so fortunate to be able to take such a trip (every year!), that our kids like spending time with us, and that we have friends we like enough to share a house with and that feel the same about us. Our life is good. …and, if our trip had completely fallen apart, our life would still be good. We would make other plans, or stay here and hole up playing cards and having picnics in the basement and watching way too much NCAA March Madness (I’m tied with Jas for number one in our bracket again). We would still be happy.

As it is, though, I am very thankful it all worked out!

One thought on “Life is Good

  1. I was so impressed with your calmness during the 24 hours of last-minute-locating-another-house. You live “life is good.”

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