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And wins!

…but not really. I chose Kentucky to win it all and they did. So, I stayed in the 100th percentile. However, there were 1,029 people who had a higher score than me. I feel pretty good about it though, because there were hundreds of thousands of people in this thing. Even if I had gotten … Continue reading

Selection Sunday & March Madness apps

Selection Sunday & March Madness apps

I love pools.  I like the swimming kind and I like the betting kind.  In a little over a week I will be enjoying the swimming kind and I’m very excited about that… especially because it’s currently snowing here.  Blech.  Nice in December.  Cruddy in March. But this post isn’t about swimming pools.  It’s about … Continue reading

App of the Week: Pocket Bracket

I didn’t intend to have this one post today, so consider it a teaser… Selection Sunday is tomorrow and I’ll be telling you about why you need the app Pocket Bracket. Until then, get back to enjoying your weekend!

Sock Summit Street Jam

I’m so excited! Jason is playing in a three-on-three basketball tournament in Portland next weekend; actually his team won last year and Jason placed in the three point competition. It’s fun to go and cheer him on and see all the athletes playing outside at the Rose Garden. Most of the games are just played … Continue reading