Work buddy

This is my work companion.  Otto is a two year old pug we found at the local animal shelter.  He was a stray from out of town, so we know nothing about his past but can assume a couple of things.  
   1.  He had a pretty rough period before he made it to the shelter.  When we first met him he was having a horrible skin reaction to fleas, he needed his teeth cleaned (one was so bad it had to be pulled), and he hadn’t been neutered.  
   2.  He is desperately afraid of being left; I think because of whatever happened in his first two years of life and maybe how he ended up at the shelter. As such, he has a fear of abandonment and has major separation anxiety.
Since having gotten Otto home (post flea treatment and neutering), his skin is doing much better, and his anxiety every time we walk out of the room has lessened.  He’s eating great (if you can call swallowing your food whole in gulps, good!) and seems to be adjusting well.  We think he’s awesome and love having him in our family.  Our cat, Eddie, doesn’t mind him most of the time, but is having a bit of a hard time transitioning from the only child role.  Mostly they just ignore each other, but I’m still hopeful that they’ll play together someday.
Anyway, as I said, Otto is my work companion.  The picture above is taken of Otto just to my left as I work on the computer.  It’s nice having him around.  

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