Fall makes me feel like baking and knitting

I love this time of year.  It makes me feel all domestic, motherly, and crafty.  I get optimistic about all the handmade gifts I will make, the breads I will bake, and the wonderful crafts I will do with my children.  The optimistic feeling is pushed aside a bit in November by the reality of life and time and my less than perfectionistic tendencies when crafting, but for now I am all ideas and dreams and plans.

One of the things this time of year signals for me, is the return to knitting.  In the summer I try to keep up with knitting a bit, but it’s when the weather starts to turn cooler that my drive to play with all the colorful yarns and pour through my books searching out patterns really kicks in.  You should see my bookshelf on Ravelry!  I can spend hours going through those pages in real life and I plan to this next week as the weather turns more fall-like.  I hope to pick out some simple, yet wonderful, items to knit for some of the people on my list.

One book that I’m looking forward to searching thoroughly is “Kristin Knits” by Kristin Nichols.  I love her use of color and her sense of design.  She inspires me to put together colors in new ways and I just love looking at the pictures in her books; the patterns are simple to follow and yet don’t look simple when completed.  I have both “Kristin Knits” and “Color by Kristin” and they are both wonderful.

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