Pumpkin party invites with instagram & postagram

Every year our family hosts a pumpkin carving party, and this is the 11th year of our totally fun tradition.  The boys and I started getting ready for it by putting out some of our Halloween decorations this past weekend.  I don’t know who decided that chartreuse-y green is a halloween color, but I’m glad they did!  I love these little treat bowls and the fun green bowl takes it all up a notch in the color world for me!  It also keeps a playfulness in the decorations that’s important for me.  We are into the candy, the dressing up, and the pumpkin carving, but not the gruesome yuck and scary stuff.  

Also, I have to show you my invitations I did this year.  Usually I try to be artsy and come up with some little crafty notecard invitation (they’re never exceptional, but always handmade- kinda my trademark, maybe…handmade but not exceptional?), but this year I decided to go with techy (and still crafty-ish?).  I used a super cool program called postagram to import a picture from last year’s party that I had uploaded to instagram.

If you’ve never tried instagram, it’s a fun little app (I know it’s there for iPhone and I imagine it’s available for Android as well), that let’s you apply cool filters to your pictures.  The instagram filter I used is called “early bird” to give it that old timey feel.  Postagram is also an iphone and Android app that allows you to upload pictures from your phone’s photo album, facebook, or instagram (or take a new picture right then) and create a postcard that they will send to the address you choose.  It costs 99 cents for each postagram to be printed and mailed, but you can also buy credits which give you a better price cut.  It makes sending a postcard so easy and I never have to go find a stamp!

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