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App review: Storyboarder

Storyboarder is a super cool app made by the same people who make two other apps I’ve talked about (Postagram and Sincerely Ink). In iTunes they state “Storyboarder allows you to quickly and easily tell your story from a collection of photos.” That’s true, but I don’t think really does the app justice or sells … Continue reading

Day Four. App Four. Postagram/SincerelyInk.

What will it be today?  You already maximized your brain power,  identified the song you were mindlessly humming, and painlessly organized your christmas list (in the process realizing that in fact you do have three gifts for your sister and nothing for your father-in-law…good thing you got organized and realized that early!).  So, what other … Continue reading

Pumpkin party invites with instagram & postagram

Every year our family hosts a pumpkin carving party, and this is the 11th year of our totally fun tradition.  The boys and I started getting ready for it by putting out some of our Halloween decorations this past weekend.  I don’t know who decided that chartreuse-y green is a halloween color, but I’m glad … Continue reading