Day Four. App Four. Postagram/SincerelyInk.

number 4What will it be today?  You already maximized your brain power,  identified the song you were mindlessly humming, and painlessly organized your christmas list (in the process realizing that in fact you do have three gifts for your sister and nothing for your father-in-law…good thing you got organized and realized that early!).  So, what other app could you possibly need?  Trust us, there are a few.  Today we will be giving you a two for one:  Postagram and Sincerely Ink.  They are both apps that allow you to use pictures from your phone to create postcards and have them mailed to whatever address you choose!  It’s REALLY easy, fun, and inexpensive.  Check out how this person used Postagram to create an invitation.

The Sincerely Ink app is more of a greeting card approach to the same thing, with a variety of templates to choose from.  Both apps are pretty cool, because they take care of the mailing and everything.

We especially like this idea for when we travel; did we tell you we plan to become world travelers? Well, we do, so you can look forward to worldly posts in the future… and you can send us postcards and greeting cards with your new apps you just learned about today.  That’ll be fun.

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