Day Five. App Five. Lose It.

number 5It seems to us that you’ve been spending a lot of time sitting around on your computer lately.  You need a little motivation to get off your tush and “move it move it.”  That’s what we’re here for (not really, but if you need a personal coach, we can try to be that for you today).  Anyway, the app for you today will help you see that walking to the mailbox (75 times) really will count towards working off that egg nog.  Yes, folks, that app is Lose It.  Now, despite what you might think by our quick-witted banter and light on our feet sound, we are not always the best at getting off our comfy spots and heading out to exercise.  However, Lose It makes it easy to keep track of food we eat and makes it feel a bit like exercising is a game (we like games).  All we do is enter in the food we eat (by scanning a barcode or choosing from an insanely extensive list) and logging the exercise we do (even that mailbox move you’re trying to count could be figured in!).  The app keeps track of how many calories we have left to eat in any given day/week depending on the goal we’ve set for ourselves.  Our current goal is just to maintain (we’re optimistic realists when it comes to holiday eating and exercising)…you can too!  So, get that app and start those mailbox reps!

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