Day Six. App Six. ePrint.

number 6Are you one of those people who was all excited about the fact that you could wirelessly print from your phone or your tablet?  We know, we know… you thought “I will be so much more efficient because I can vacuum/change the oil in the car/take a shower while simultaneously downloading and printing my report/knitting pattern/Christmas letter.”  Yes, you were… you read tech reviews, so we know what you get excited about.  Only then you found out that you have to have the special compatible (probably by HP) printer and the little “print” icon that pops in the upper right corner of your iPhone etc. is merely decorative.  Bummer.  We are too cheap careful with our money to go out and buy a special printer, so we downloaded an app that works with our wireless printer and many others just fine… and for many dollars less (2.99 versus $100+).

All you need is ePrint and most any wireless printer (NOT the special ones) or a printer hooked up to your computer (if you have a non-wireless printer and it isn’t attached to your computer, we’re just confused).  Once you’ve downloaded the app, you choose “add a printer” and the app will search the airwaves for your wireless printer or computer-tethered printer.   Once it locates the printer, click on the name of your printer, then it’s all ready to go… really simple.  From within ePrint, you can open your clipboard, notes, the web, your camera, your contact list, documents, etc. and print.  Or, you can simply click the “open in” icon (it usually appears in the upper right corner when you tap on whatever you want to print).  So, if you want to print from your gadget, it’s your choice… buy the expensive printer to go with your phone, or buy the cheap-o app and send us the leftover savings.  Up to you, but you know what the right choice is… we accept paypal.

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