Day Three. App Three. Better Christmas List.

number 3So, did you like App One and App Two?  Of course you did; we recommended them, so they’re good.  Day Three, though, we’re thinking you need a little something to help you stay organized this holiday season.  Yes, you do.  So, App Three is Better Christmas List.  Now this little app has come a long way in the past three or so years and it is super useful now.

Better Christmas List allows you to organize your gift giving by groups, then add gifts (marked whether purchased, wrapped, or shipped…or not) to each person.  You can link the person to their contact information and can add pictures for the people and the gifts (we can never remember a year later what we were talking about if there isn’t a picture!).  You can also mark down where the gift was purchased, for how much, and any other notes you’d like to include.  The best thing though, we think, is that you can then archive it all within the app and refer to it next year (as needed, without it cluttering what you look at) so you don’t inadvertently give Aunt Martha the exact same wonderful scarf two years in a row… how embarrassing that would be.

So, get Better Christmas List and get organized with your gift giving.

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