Day Two. App Two. SoundHound.

Copper Square Number 2

Let’s go for a fun one today.  Day Two app is SoundHound.  As far as we can tell, SoundHound has no real value other than it’s just amazing.  It doesn’t make our life more productive, it doesn’t make us money, it doesn’t make us better people, but we love it. SoundHound is one of our very favorite apps simply because it’s so cool.  Sometimes, that’s the best reason.  In short, SoundHound is a music recognition app. What that means is that you can hear a song (on the radio, from your neighbor humming, on the tv, etc.), tap the “listen” button on SoundHound and have it not only tell you the name of the song and who sings it, but also scroll the lyrics right along with the music!  In addition, it provides information about the band and the album, as well as links to purchasing the song and concert tickets, opening a Pandora station (another cool app, BTW), and more.  However, this is supposed to be a quick, get in get out review and we’re getting long winded (If you want more chitter chatter, check out this site).  Get the app.  The end.

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