Things that made me laugh (or How to Prove You Aren’t a Robot)

This morning I woke up early, so reached for my phone and got a head start on my “three things.”  In our family that’s what we often say as we’re getting on whatever screen to do a quick check of email, the news, WordsWithFriends, Pinterest or whatever.  We all have them, those few items that you check in with to see what’s new since the last time you were there.  They aren’t always the same over time, but there are certain things we check on fairly regularly.  Those are our three things.

This started with Spencer.  For as long as he’s had access to a screen, he’s had “three things” to check “real quick.”  If we were going somewhere, he just needed a minute first to check his three things.  If he was supposed to be turning off his screen at the end of his allotted (through multiple discussions, negotiations, and arguments) time, he just needed a couple minutes more to finish his three things.  

This isn’t what made me laugh this morning though.  I was reading a blog that is currently in my three things and I was trying to leave a comment.  On this particular blog, it asked me to verify that I wasn’t a robot by typing in the illegible number combo provided.  I typically find these irritating, but not debilitating.  Today that changed.  I couldn’t read it.  My vision has gotten progressively worse this past year and my glasses don’t fix it enough first thing in the morning for me to read the cryptic teeny tiny super little numbers.  I tried angling my phone, adjusting the difference, double-tapping the screen, pinch to zooming, and so on.  None of it worked.  So, I guessed.  Poorly apparently, because Google said no (does that make me a robot or just visually challenged?).  Google gave me another chance to represent myself more favorably, but I failed again.  Thankfully, the third time they offered up a brightly lit, well-contrasted (white on black), number sequence with much larger digits, and I was able to prove I am not a robot.  They did offer that I could have them read it to me instead.  So, as long as my hearing doesn’t go, I’ll be okay. 

 captcha collage 

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