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Top Twenty-Four Apps.

In the spirit of giving at Christmas, we are giving you the gift of the top twenty-four apps all in one little list.  We know… you’re welcome.  You should know, though, that there was no way we were going to spend Christmas day typing a blog post (even for you), so we actually typed this … Continue reading

Day Seven. App Seven. Pandora.

Pandora.  If you don’t know about Pandora Radio, where have you been?  It’s simple, it’s sweet, it’s music you love.  All you do is type in the name of the song or artist that you feel like hearing and Pandora will create your own little radio station of music like that.  It’s a great way … Continue reading

Day Two. App Two. SoundHound.

Let’s go for a fun one today.  Day Two app is SoundHound.  As far as we can tell, SoundHound has no real value other than it’s just amazing.  It doesn’t make our life more productive, it doesn’t make us money, it doesn’t make us better people, but we love it. SoundHound is one of our … Continue reading