App of the Week: Clear- is it a better “to do” app?

I’m trying out a new app called “Clear,” that I thought I’d share with you.  As you may remember from one of my previous posts, I’m kind of a list maker.  I even add things to my list after the fact just so I can cross it off.  So, an app that’s for us list making types has some potential; however, there a about a zillion list making apps in the appstore.  I’ve tried a number of them, but most of them are just too involved for me.  They have great potential, phenomenal cross platform abilities, synching, folders within folders, color coding, etc., but in the end, I just want a simple list… that looks nice… and is easy to use.

Enter, Clear…

As you can see by the picture above, Clear has a very clean, simple interface.  To add items to the list, you either pull down on your current list, tap below it, or pull two items apart to enter it between them.  To “complete” an item, you just slide it to the right and to delete an item, you slide it to the left.  The movements feel smooth and intuitive.  To see the movements in action, you can check out their short video.

I like how simple the app looks and feels, and the ability to rearrange the items on my list.  One of my big gripes with the “Reminders” on my iPhone (my current “go to” list maker) is that I can’t easily rearrange the order or sort based on time or priority.  This is very easy to do with Clear.

So, is it awesome?  Should everyone run out and get this newly released app?  My answer is a resounding, maybe.  As I said, I really like how simple and clean it is.  However, I really don’t like some of what it’s missing.  I want to be able to set a repeating item.  For example, “bathroom cleaning” is on my weekly list.  I don’t want to start a brand new list every day and try to remember everything I need to include.  I like being able to set items in the future too.  Clear is just a right now list.  For that purpose it’s great.  So, if you just want a quick and easy make a list now option, go for it… Clear is the app for you.

As for me, I want Clear and Reminders to merge into one.  I want Reminders to have the interface that Clear has implemented so nicely.  And, I want Clear to have the added functionality that Reminders has, including location and time based reminders, repeats, and notes.  So, if anyone out there has the power to make this happen… I say, yes please.

4 thoughts on “App of the Week: Clear- is it a better “to do” app?

  1. I too am one for making lists (just ask my husband and kids)! I don’t like the Clear not having reminders you can set because I am very forgetful. I am using TaskForce and so far I like it. It has customizable icons for each task, due dates, reminders, a notes section, and you can customize the name of the list. So far so good, I have only had the app for a week so I will keep you posted!

    • Yes, please do stop back and let me know what you think of TaskForce once you’ve been using it for a bit longer. I’m always in search for the perfect app! 🙂

  2. Hey K, great post. Another list app you might peek at is NOZBE. It has a very nice look/feel. I use it everyday. It has the extras i think you are looking for. [It does a lot more too, but you can keep it simple or not.]

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