30 Teams, 7 years, minus 5, equals fun… or priceless

A few years ago, on a whim, Jason and I decided that we wanted to take our kids to every baseball park in the Major League and see the home team play. The thing that’s funny about that is that neither us nor our two boys are super huge baseball fans. We like baseball fine and we are big time Phillies fans from when we lived there… both times. But, we aren’t people who watch every game on T.V. or really follow it closely on ESPN or know the players’ stats or any of that. We do that with basketball and football.

So, what’s up with the baseball park marathon? Why do we do it?

1. We all LOVE the atmosphere at a major league game.

2. Baseball parks are in big cities, which we like.

3. It gives us an excuse to travel somewhere we might not otherwise go.

4. I get a cool hat at every ball park.

5. Our family likes to hang out together and eat food that’s bad for us while sitting in the sunshine.


So far we’ve gone to see the following teams play at home:

1. Colorado Rockies

(still searching for these pics- I’ll add one when I find them… and I need to get a hat!)

2. Philadelphia Phillies

3. LA Dodgers

4. San Francisco Giants

5. New York Yankees

We kind of went for awhile there without making much progress and I’m writing this post so that it’s back in our heads again. I’m thinking we need to start mapping out some baseball vacations. Soon. We only have seven more years until both Spencer and Jacob have graduated from high school, and we still have 25 more ballparks to visit. Although we may be able to lure the boys back with offers of free hot dogs and baseball parks, I don’t want to count on it.

So, three boys, let’s start looking at a map of those parks!

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