365 Project… like I need something else I’m supposed to do EVERY DAY

At first glance starting a new project that requires me to perform yet another task on a daily basis may not seem like such a great idea to the realists out there.  But, if I based all my goals on total realism rather than optimism, I’m not sure what I’d put on my list.  Plus, the 365 project will actually help me reach one of my other goals!  Yay, I love two-for-ones (twofers)!

The 365 Project is simple.  Take a picture and post it every day.  It doesn’t have to be about anything in particular.  It doesn’t have to be beautiful.  It doesn’t actually even have to be taken that day.  However, that feels like cheating a little bit to me… which I may be okay with on days when I’m climbing into bed and just realizing I never took a picture that day (I mean, how many pictures do you want of what I can see from my bed… husband, clock, window, dresser, bookshelf… see what I mean?).  Anyway, like I said, all you have to do is post a picture each day.  The website takes care of putting that little picture on a calendar so you end up with this cute little month of pictures, which then becomes a year of pictures.  The reason I think this is so great this year is that one of my goals is to learn how to use my camera beyond just turning the dial to the icon of a mountain when I take pictures of mountains and to the little head icon when I photograph people (flower for flower, etc. you get the idea).  The 365 Project will give me a reason to be on top of that every day …guilt purpose.

So, if you want to see what I post for my 365 Project, follow me on Twitter at @kdv24 and search for the #365Project or click on this link.  Also, if you think you’re going to be taking pictures every day for the 365 Project, I recommend you check out my post on using Eye-Fi and Dropbox.  It’s great because I don’t have to plug in my camera to transfer my pictures and, because they go to Dropbox, I can access them from everywhere I have Dropbox (my phone, my iPad, and my computer).  Actually, I think it’s great even if you aren’t taking pictures every day.

17 thoughts on “365 Project… like I need something else I’m supposed to do EVERY DAY

    • I think it’s a pretty cool idea on a lot of levels. It’s great for just practicing your photography, but also for chronicling the year. They have a theme each week that you can use as inspiration for what to take pictures of also, but you don’t have to use that. You can take pictures of whatever. I say go for it!

  1. I think that is a really neat idea. I love taking pictures but I just dink around. I did take a little class where I learned what the macro (flower) function does. I’m detail crazy so once they said that I think I tuned out on the rest. I do have a print up about the rest though. I just have to find it. I have a lot of pictures of close up flowers, bugs, etc. I added you on twitter so if you see some crazy person named buggbutt started following you don’t worry that I’m trying to show you my boobs….cause I don’t have any LOL

    So I wonder if it is too late for me to start. I probably have a picture I took yesterday. I’ll ahve to look.

  2. What a great idea! I have just bought a new Compact System Camera and have been trying mine out lately before having to go back to work! Definitely a great excuse for me to use the new camera! x

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  4. I added a bit to the end of this post, because it occurred to me that one thing that’s making the 365 Project a bit easier for me is the fact that my pictures go straight from my camera to Dropbox without me having to involve any wires. Then my pictures are accessible on my phone, iPad, and computer to upload to the 365 project. I wrote up a post here with a simple tutorial on how to set it up (https://twyste.com/2011/12/22/dropbox-your-fancy-camera-pictures-synchronized-swimming/). Happy picturing!

  5. I loved this part, “It doesn’t actually even have to be taken that day. However, that feels like cheating a little bit to me…” Best of luck on your 365 project!

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