A year in review…

You realize that a year in review is only two weeks at this point, don’t you? It sounds way more impressive to say “a year in review” though. Does anyone else hear it being said in a news anchor voice?  “A  year  in  review … with  Tom  Brokaw.”  How ’bout now?

Anyway, I’m doing a year in review as a way to highlight some of the pictures I’ve taken while participating in the 365 Project (not to be confused with the 365 Simplicity Challenge– Good grief!). One of the blogs I follow is by Rob Slaven and he publishes (pretty much daily) an assortment of pictures he’s taken along with a little explanation. I thought I’d give that a shot today.

These shots are all from a recent quick family trip to San Francisco at the beginning of the week. We were really fortunate and had wonderful weather (mid 60s and blue skies) the whole time we were there.  I’ve never really understood why some people love San Francisco so much… until this visit.  Whenever I’ve been there before it’s always been cold, wet, windy, and crowded.  Because I’m pretty sure that all my previous visits were in the summer, I’m prepared to tell you all (as your travel agent and trip advisor) that if you ever get the chance to go to San Francisco in January- GO!  And, avoid the place in the summer.  However, if you feel that you need to base your travel plans on more than just my one good visit in January, that’s up to you.

Anyway, on with the pictures…

This first picture is from just off Powell Street on the way from Union Square to the wharf, where we were headed to catch the Alcatraz ferry.  Earlier this week, when I included this picture in a collageJudy @SavoringToday commented that the word she thought of when she looked at it was “life.” I really like that.  Something about the way it all weaves together and the movement of it all really draws me in.
Shortly after taking the “tree of life” picture, we wound our way up Telegraph Hill to the Coit Tower, which is pictured above.  Again, you can see how completely blue the sky was that day… in January (not summer).  Unfortunately, at the point we were stopped at the Coit Tower, one of my children was having what our family calls a “Jolene” moment (there’s a story with that, but I’ll probably save it for The Motherhood Manual– the preteen section).  Anyway, because of the Jolene issue going on and because I didn’t really care that much, I didn’t go up in the Tower, but instead wandered the grounds looking for pictures to support my 365 Photo Project.
The views from up the hill were great, but what I really liked the most were these really cool steps.  I posted the picture to Instagram and love the look it has with the filter and cropping I used.  The variation in the color of the bricks stands out so much more than on the original.  I enlarged it a little for easier viewing on here but it starts looking kind of pixelated.
All of the remaining shots below are from Alcatraz.  I liked the bits of red.
I especially like this bit of red.
And, finally, the warden’s house.  I thought it looked appropriately ominous.
The end.  Time to go.  Time out.  Not the Times Square that usually comes to mind.

7 thoughts on “A year in review…

  1. Kelly, thanks for the mention, your photos are great. I especially like the bit of red too. At first, when I saw the fire hydrant I thought it would be terribly inconvenient for passing pups, but then I read it was at Alcatraz, so I’m sure there weren’t many dogs to worry about. 🙂

  2. The hydrant rocks! And the kid is pretty cute, too 😉 . Please tell all the children to stop growing. I don’t want to have to have another one just to keep a cute kid around the house.

  3. Great pictures! I need to get out more to get some good pictures – I’m running out of ideas – but it is 45 below zero F right now. When I looked outside today the area was filled with ice fog and it looked like the air was frozen— all white. I wanted to get a picture but I was in a lot of pain and laid back down and didn’t wake up until dark (only 4pm). Maybe I’ll get a shot of that tomorrow.

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