Thank You! White Chocolate Feast for Kids May 04, 20101-13
Hey everyone, I just wanted to say thanks (obviously… did you read the title?).  It’s been really fun for me to see the number of visitors increasing and, as a result, I’m currently a bit of an addict on the stats page.  It doesn’t tell me who you are, but lets me know how many of you stopped by… hence, the thank you.

I’ve really appreciated you all and, I’ve really really appreciated the people who’ve checked out my site and liked it enough to tell someone else about it either by clicking the “tell others” button at the bottom of the post or the old fashioned way by using their voice or a pen and paper.  Thanks.

Now, be sure to stop by Monday to read the next installment in The Motherhood Manual: “Knockers in the Woods… and I’m not talking doors.”  Or, better yet, sign up to receive an email each time I post.  You can do this by clicking the “follow” button on the right side of the page.


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