Ch ch ch changes… Adding on

Hey all.  Just in case you have been viewing my site on a mobile device and can’t see my menu items as easily as on a laptop, or if you’re on a computer and just haven’t gone exploring on my site lately… I’ve been making some changes.

The addition I’m the most excited about can be found under the menu item called “Favorites and Free.”  I’ve added a page of Free and Easy Knitting patterns, which already includes 20 patterns I like; I will be adding to that page weekly (let me know if you have suggestions of patterns I should include!).  Also, under the Favorites and Free section, I will be adding a page for my favorite knitting tools and cool technology.  These pages will include products that I use on a regular basis and just really like, so want to share.

I also added links to the following:

1.  My 365 Project for those of you who want to follow my daily photography journey.  It’s very much a roller coaster as far as the quality, but I’m hoping by the end of the year I’ll really be able to see an improvement in my abilities.

2.  My 365 Days to Simplicity where you can see what I get rid of each day on my Quest for Less.  It’s kind of embarrassing to see what all I’ve hung on to or even purchased in the first place, but sharing the pictures has helped keep me accountable.  And, I definitely want to keep it up because it’s felt really good to be getting rid of stuff.  You can always join in at any point; that offer is open all year, because even if you don’t start till later in the year, it’s still a chance to reduce the clutter in our lives.  That’s a good thing.

3.  Finally, a page of my App Reviews will also be coming soon.

I’m sure there will be more changes and additions to come, but that’s plenty for now.

Thanks for commenting!

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