Look ma, no hands!

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about wirelessly transferring my photographs from my DSLR camera to Dropbox using an Eye-Fi card. At the time I thought it was a great idea but hadn’t used it for very long.  I loved the concept of not having to hook my camera up to my computer, and then having my pictures available not only on my computer, but also anywhere I accessed Dropbox, including my phone and my iPad.  Now, after having used this set up for awhile, I am even more convinced its really good.

Because I’m taking pictures daily for my 365 Project and just because I have life I want to photograph, I’m ending up with a lot of pictures.  I know from experience that these can really start to accumulate quickly.  This is where the Eye-Fi to Dropbox connection is ending up being really helpful.  Instead of having all my pictures going straight into iPhoto, they first go into a folder I created in Dropbox called “Eye-Fi Uploads” (clever, isn’t it?).  This folder acts as a holding place for me to review my photos before saving them to my photo library.  I can then go through my handfuls of photos from the day (or last few days) and just choose the ones I want to keep.

For example, today I took a zillion (roughly) pictures of my son’s orchestra fundraiser “play-a-thon” at the grocery store.  When I got home the pictures automatically uploaded to my Dropbox folder.  Then, when I got around to it, I went through the pictures and whittled the pile down to just a few.  I still need to edit them, but at least now I only have this one of him, instead of five more that look pretty much exactly the same.

Dropbox is free and the Eye-Fi cards can be purchased fairly inexpensively (there’s quite a range).  I saw this one on sale at Fred Meyer today, so it may mean they are coming out with a new version and you can get them for a discount right now?  I think the convenience is totally worth the cost.  What do you think?  Have any of you tried them before or do you have a good system that works for you?

4 thoughts on “Look ma, no hands!

  1. Thanks for the info… I have been thinking about getting an Eye-Fi card. Since most of my pictures I take for my blog — I do a shoot, then upload and process them right away, so it isn’t essential for me (at this point). But, I can see how it is really handy! BTW, I kinda gave up on the 365 project .. too many other things I need to focus on. So I admire you for sticking with it! And your son is so cute with the violin! (My background is music education so I think that is awesome!)

    • I can certainly understand giving up on the 365 Project. I’m really trying to keep it up, but have given myself permission to include mediocre pictures. It takes some pressure off, which will hopefully keep me going. The eye-fi to dropbox is helping make it easier too. I really think the project overall will lead me to getting better in the end.

    • I also meant to say thanks for the comment about my son. I think he’s pretty awesome. My other son plays the bari sax, so we’ve got both band and orchestra represented. 🙂

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