45 years and counting…


Today is a big day. It’s the Super Bowl. But, it’s also my parents’ 45th anniversary, which is weird since I still think of them as in their mid-fifties and I know they weren’t ten when they got married.

I should probably write a post that really recognizes this accomplishment by sharing all the early details of their relationship (sewage treatment plant date, etc.) and giving some credit to them for my own almost 20 year marriage to my husband. However, I’m going to be late for church if I don’t get showered soon and it is the Super Bowl after that, so instead I will just say…

Happy 45th anniversary, Mom and Dad. Thanks for showing us how to still not only love, but also like the person you’ve been married to for 45 years.

Now… go Eagles (darn it)!

7 thoughts on “45 years and counting…

  1. What an important milestone to celebrate–45 years takes a lot of love and work. I love marriage, every gut wrenching, love enduring, make me grow up part of it. Whoohoo!

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