iPhone Photography Resources

I have the iPhone 4, which has a 5 megapixel camera. The iPhone 4S has an 8 megapixel camera. I have no doubt the camera on the next iPhone will be even better (some rumors suggest up into double digit megapixels- I can’t wait!). Camera phones are just getting better and better and with a few tips, your pictures can be as good as you get with a stand alone compact digital camera.

The following links have been great resources for me. I’ve learned about a number of iPhone camera features that have improved my picture taking dramatically. Take a look and see if you learn something new too.

Getting started with photography on your iPhone

Macro photos with your iPhone

Portraits with your iPhone

Photo editing apps

Are there other sites you’ve found helpful in learning how to use your iPhone camera most effectively?

If you’d prefer to just use your DSLR, but want to easily view and manipulate your pictures on your iPhone, take a look at this link.  Also, take a look at this link for how I like managing my DSLR photos.

6 thoughts on “iPhone Photography Resources

  1. I have mostly enjoyed apps when it came to taken pictures with my iPhone 4: Instagram and Hipstamatic being hands down my two favorite ones.

    • That’s what I’ve typically done too, but I like learning about how I can do more with the initial picture in the native camera app. Then I modify if with whichever app I am currently enjoying. I always like Instagram, but am also really impressed with snapseed and photo gene. I haven’t used Hipstamatic because I haven’t seen how it does anything different. Why do you like it?

      • Instagram is great for photo blogging: fast and fun effects. I got into Hipstamatic as it came before Instagram, and I truly enjoyed their filters and flashes. Some of my fave pics of my kids were taken with it.

      • I would say go with Instagram. The wind is behind them right now and I have a feeling the application is just going to get better.

  2. Great resources Kelly. Although this post was written four years ago, they hold pretty well — except that Apple has refined its camera technology, and now photos tend to occupy more storage space.

    if you don’t mind, I’d like to suggest a new resource I actually wrote (took me about 20 hours working on). It’s about how to fix the storage almost full message, not sure if you’ve met. Here it is: http://www.anysoftwaretools.com/fix-iphone-storage-almost-full/

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