Am I a Big Fat Liar? 365 project(s) progress update

So, I said I was going to get rid of one thing every day? Am I really doing it? Or, am I taking one item and splitting it into pieces and counting each piece as one item (not that I ever thought of that)? Am I discarding my husband’s or children’s items rather than clearing out my own stuff (not a bad idea!)? Or, am I wandering through my house looking for Good Will, garbage, or rummage sale candidates? I can’t believe you’d even ask; of course I’m doing it and so far I even like doing it (any guesses on how long the “liking it” will last?).

However, I really should have named the Simplicity Challenge something different than 365 Days to Simplicity. You know, I should have named it something like Simplicity Challenge. Can I change it now…you know, in the interest of simplicity? I’m finding it confusing having two different 365 goals. And, let’s not even get into the fact that this year there are 366 days!

All that aside, here’s where I am on the two projects:

365 Project- Photos: I’m keeping up with my goal of learning new things about my low end fancy (translates to “more affordable than some and good enough for me”) Canon camera.This week I’ve tried to use the manual setting and been playing with taking monochromatic (black & white) pictures. If you look at my 365 project link, though, you’ll see I didn’t do that every day; some days I just snapped a picture with my iPhone 4 (which actually takes good pictures, but I can’t wait to see what the camera in the next iPhone is like).

365 Days to Simplicity: I’ve gotten rid of shoes, purses, books, curlers (when & why did I ever buy those?!?), magazines (but kept the recipes digitally!), and a shirt. I am loving the cleaning out, but can see how this is going to get much harder pretty quickly. It’s good, though. And, I have a feeling once I head out to the garage or the shed I could find a number of purging candidates.

If you haven’t joined in on our quest for less yet, don’t let the fact that one week of the new year has already passed. That just means you get a little bit of a break. And, hey, I figure even if you only get rid of a couple of things, you’ve still lightened your load. It’s a good thing, so get to it.

(I made the collage at the top of this post using an app on my iPhone. Check back on Thursday for more about that app and some other favorites!)

4 thoughts on “Am I a Big Fat Liar? 365 project(s) progress update

    • Good luck on your path to simplicity too! I’m definitely feeling like I have to stick with it now that I’ve put it out there for the world to see! Anyone who’s considering doing this challenge in some form, should grab the code for the badge/button in the right sidebar and stick it on their site or their mirror or the bumper of their car or something, because it definitely adds some accountability! Yikes.

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