Where tech & knitting (& carpentry?) collide

So does it mean I’m a tech geek or that I’m industrious or just plain lazy that sometimes I use my iPad to measure my knitting so I don’t have to carry a tape measure? My tape measure is a cute little sheep that I really should alway carry with me. However, the other day I didn’t have it with me and I was alternately doing stuff on my iPad and working on a knitting project while watching football; it was a good day.

I needed to measure my project though, and as I said, didn’t have a tape measure with me. My mom, who was sitting across the room had one I borrowed, but it occurred to me that this happens fairly frequently and maybe I should just figure out a few measurements on my iPad. It wouldn’t be as exact as a ruler, of course, but often I just need a ballpark measurement and for that it would be sufficient. …as long as I have my iPad with me. Most of the time I have my iPhone with me rather than my iPad, though, so I’ve included those measurements as well.
…just in case there’s anyone out there as geeky as me (don’t deny it, I know who you are).

I can see it now… carpenter looking something up on his iPad or iPhone then holding it up to what he’s building to measure it. Knitters everywhere rewriting swatch patterns to fit the iPad measurements. Be creative, tell us what you are measuring with your iGadgets or AnGadgets (android gadgets, measurements not provided).

All measurements are rough and are given in inches.

iPad dimensions:
Diagonal screen=9.5

iPhone dimensions:
Diagonal screen=3.5

Legal disclaimer: Author assumes no responsibility for inaccurate measurements or poor choices made with readers’ electronic gadgets. Play wisely. Measure twice, cut once. Live well, laugh often, love much. Etc., etc., etc., blah, blah, blah….

4 thoughts on “Where tech & knitting (& carpentry?) collide

  1. I don’t know how I missed this post but this is a great idea! My iphone is in an otter case though so I’ll have to measure it myself.

    • My husband uses an Otterbox too. He loves it and occasionally pitches it across the room just for the reaction. “Yes, honey, your case is very impressive.” My case would probably snap in a second, but it’s awfully cute with polka dots. 🙂

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