Yarn along update (ravelry red rocks!)

Since posting about the Small Things’ yarn along last on December 28th, I’ve gotten one fingerless mitten knitted, but not seamed up and I’m about an inch into the knitting of the second mitten.  I’m continuing to LOVE the Malabrigo Rios Yarns.  I’ve always been a fan of red, but the Ravelry Red color is wonderful, even for a red!  The yarn is so soft to work with and feels lovely to wear (check out my post on the cowl I knit with Malabrigo in Lettuce & the free pattern).  It continues to be my favorite yarn.

I love fingerless mittens and gloves and have knitted several, but I’ve never done one on straight needles; they’ve all been on circulars.  Actually I’ve only done them using the “two at a time” method, so this will be a good test to see if I end up with the dreaded “second sock/glove/mitten” syndrome.  Like I said, I’m one inch into #2… so far so good!

If you’re interested in knowing more about the two at a time method for knitting on circulars, leave a comment letting me know and I’ll post more about it.  It’s really easy (other than the maneuvering of multiple parts for the cast on and first round) and makes it so your two items end up exactly the same size (always a plus!).  If you’re more of a fan of knitting one at a time on straight needles, then I would definitely recommend this pattern from Simple Knitting: A Complete How-to-Knit Workshop with 20 Projectsby Erika Knight.  The whole book is beautiful and has nice tutorials and just a beautiful layout, plus with it being “simple,” it fits in perfectly with my “Simplicity Challenge: 365 Days to Simplicity.”  Nice.

11 thoughts on “Yarn along update (ravelry red rocks!)

  1. Nice! I love that RED. I have always loved the color red although recently I’ve switched to fuchsia. I always get to the point where I go to my closet and everything is the same color. I’m not there yet with fuchsia though. I’m trying to avoid that. What is your username on Ravelry?

    • My username is kdv24. I don’t tend to get that way with my closet so much, but I definitely do with yarn! I had awhile there where I think a quarter of my yarn purchases were some form of green!

    • Me too (obviously!), but the picture really doesn’t do it justice. Part of it is probably that I like the way it feels so much too! Thanks for commenting!

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