Washcloths and Failures

This is my update on the yarn along.  It’s also a chance to tell you I’m making a new “super easy, use up some yarn you probably already have” pattern.  Any guesses which is the washcloth and which is the failure?  Right.

I was all happy and possibly a bit cocky last week about how I was practically finished with my beautiful Malabrigo Ravelry Red fingerless gloves from the Erika Knight book, Simple Knitting.  (On a side note, can they be gloves if there are no fingers?)  Well, it turns out Simple isn’t easy enough for those of us with tendencies to be distracted.  I don’t know exactly what I did, but my “oh it will all work out attitude” that generally serves me well in a lot of areas, didn’t pan out for me here.  The gloves are too big.  And, one of them is more too big than the other.  I mentioned before that I liked the two-at-a-time method for knitting gloves, mittens, socks, actually anything that comes in pairs that you’d like to resemble each other… this is why.  Two different sizes.

See?  Baggy.  So, now what?  I don’t want to undo everything from the wrist up.  I’m hoping that someone reading is a knitting genius or, better yet, knitting genie.  Is there any other way?  If not, I do love the yarn and would be willing to do it again if I absolutely have no other option.  Before I do that, though, I’d love a little feedback… preferably the kind with the quick and easy solution!

So, on to part two of my post.  I’m creating a mindless project to use up some bits of cotton I have around.  I think we know that mindless is good for me following the fingerless gloves debacle I’ve got going on.  I haven’t let myself start my beautiful scarf yet.  I’m withholding it until my gloves fit…tough of me, isn’t it?  I’m allowed to start this washcloth thing, though, because it’s clearly a quick and less desirable project and it’s using up yarn I already have while making use of a Christmas present my son gave me… the Interweave Knits Daily Calendar.  Each day there’s a brand new swatch pattern.  Yay!

The pattern I’ve chosen for making my washcloth is a modification of one called “Crocus Buds.”  It has a wonderful bumpy texture that is perfect for a washcloth.  It’s a quick pattern and as soon as I have one knit up, I’ll post the pattern as a free PDF download.  So, be sure and check back or just sign up to follow this blog so you know whenever a new post happens (you can sign up at the top right if you’re on a computer or, probably toward the bottom of the page if you’re on a mobile device).  Anyway, yay, FREE!

16 thoughts on “Washcloths and Failures

  1. That’s a good perspective! I would NOT be happy if I didn’t like working with the yarn to begin with. As it is, I’m still not super thrilled, but at least I’m willing.

  2. Kelly, as I haven’t picked up knitting needles in over 2 years, I have no productive advice. However the margaritas and cookies sound yummy, so I will agree with Jason. Good luck! Also, with as much snow as we are getting, you can double layer your baggy mittens when you go shovel! Stay warm this week 🙂

    • I’ve never been a big ripper, but I need to be…I’d be happier with my end product. I may try playing around with some advice someone else gave me about adding a decorative “tuck” on the back of the hand first, but think there’s a good chance I’ll be ripping. As I keep telling myself, at least I love the yarn!

  3. So, Liz, who seems to be able to do anything with textiles, and knits constantly, seems also to not be able to get through a project without some unraveling. Sometimes tragic amounts. I think it is about personal standards. But I also think she must be getting good Buddhist practice. The impermanence of everything and only what is in the moment is of consequence.

    So, perhaps take it as a meditative opportunity?

    • I think I’m trying to go with the concept of quality over quantity or just getting it done…which I think fits in with my simplicity and probably also your meditative suggestion.

  4. Does the other mitt fit? If so, I would rip back the big one and redo. It’s not that much work if everything else fits and you’ll be much happier in the long run. I feel your disappointment, though. Ripping always hurts a little.

    • No, neither one really fits. I’m sure I won’t leave it as is and will fix it in some form. I got an interesting idea from a friend today who suggested that because the glove isn’t knit in the round, I may have another option. What she suggested was un-seaming it and then re-seaming it (inside out) with a sewing machine… very, very well. She did that with a sleeve on a dress and it worked and held fine. I trust her judgement too, because everything she makes turns out beautifully. So, I may have that to write about for next week’s yarn along. Plus my new washcloth pattern that I started today.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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